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Auto Tapping Machine

Auto Tapping Machine

Auto Lead Screw Tapping Machine

Product ID: CLS-40GF, CLS-80GF, CLS-40GFV, CLS-80GFV

  • Lead screw tool feed, one circle for one pitch.
  • Change pitch easily and rapidly, include overload device.
  • Compact, light weight, suitable for special purpose machine tools and unit construction.
  • High productivity with multiple spindle head fitting.
  • Change easily to left screw operation.
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Item No Model CLS-40GF CLS-40GFV CLS-80GF CLS-80GFV
Tapping Capacity in steel/ in alum. mm M30(PT1") M30(PT1") M60(PT2") M60(PT2")
Tapping Pitch (over) mm 0.5P 0.5P 0.8P 0.8P
Spindle Stroke mm 80 80 100 100
Spindle Taper mm MT-3 MT-3 MT-4 MT-4
50Hz Spindle Speed r.p.m. 420-650 420-650 60,130,200,260 60,130,200,260
60Hz Spindle Speed r.p.m. 500-800 500-800 80,160,240,320 80,160,240,320
Motor power 1HP*6P*3PH 1HP*6P*3PH 2HP*6P*3PH 2HP*6P*3PH
Motor power 2HP*4P*3PH 2HP*4P*3PH 3HP*6P*3PH 3HP*6P*3PH
Weight(approx) kg 74 - 140 -
Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. Wu-Hsiung Wang
Contact:Export Sales Representative Ms. Anne Wang
Address:No.8, Lane 121, Li Teh Road, Pei Tou Dist., 112, Taipei, Taiwan