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Auto Step Retract Drilling Machine with Air-Hydro Tool Feed

Auto Step Retract Drilling Machine with Air-Hydro Tool Feed

Auto Pneumatic Drilling Machine

Product ID: AD-80VSP, AD-80P

Since manufacturing of manual drilling & tapping macine in 1964, Chen Fwa Industrial Co., Ltd. develops auto-saving drilling machine (air-hydraulic tool feed) through continuous reserch & improvement. These latest items can simplify work, reduce production cost, and make quality unique & efficiency high.

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  • The AD-80VP(P) has step feeding cycle: Spindle will operate like feeding pattern of removing further.
  • Cycle: Rapid approach --> Tool feed --> Rapid return. The cycle can adjust the flow control valve to set the speed of tool feed.
  • Adjust feed & stroke simply, operate easily.
  • All machines are available for Multi-Spindle Head that will increase efficiency in 5-10 times.
  • It can be settled at any direction and position to reduce production cost and make quality unique.
  • Assemble with Auto Tapping machines for special working of drilling, boring and tapping at one time.
  • Air-Hydro -->Hydraulic equipment adjusted easily.
  • 4 spindle speeds are suitable for deep working of small holes.
  • High accuracy, less vibration & noise.
  • Small size & light weight, suitable for assembly of special purpose machine.
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Item No. AD-80VSP,AD-80P
Drilling Capacity (m/m) Castiron Ø10; Steel Ø8
Spindle Stroke (m/m) 80
Cutting Stroke (m/m) 60
Thrust (kgs) 110
Taper of Spindle JT#6
4P 50Hz Spindle Speeds (r.p.m.) 480, 750, 1350, 2300
4P 60Hz Spindle Speeds (r.p.m.) 500, 900, 1600, 2800
Motor Rating 3Ø * 1/2HP * 4P
Working Air Pressure 5 kgs/cm²
Rapid Approch Speed (m/min) 5
Weight (Approx) (kgs) 95
Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. Wu-Hsiung Wang
Contact:Export Sales Representative Ms. Anne Wang
Address:No.8, Lane 121, Li Teh Road, Pei Tou Dist., 112, Taipei, Taiwan